The origins of the manor house „Cavaliere“ are to be found in the 16th.century. Built according to the Tuscan architectonical tradition, Cavaliere is the residence of the local landlords. In 1800 the complex is adapted to become an orphanage and returns only in the early 20th century back to its residential origins. In the late 80s, the actual proprietors add a restaurant and start the hotel activities as a Country House.
The „Country House Cavaliere“, opened throughout the whole year, has 16 rooms (all with private bathroom) and offers either B/B or half pension, the restaurante and pizzeria.

The Country House and surroundings

residence Cavaliere
The Country House

Importante dimora storica del 1600. Costruita secondo lo stile toscano delle Signorìe dell'epoca, è circondata da uno splendido parco di antichi lecci. Rooms and apartments, restaurant, swimming-pool.

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castiglione del lago
Castiglione del Lago

Il paese-castello su un promontorio dentro il lagoTrasimeno. Alle magnifiche risorse naturali, Castiglione del Lago aggiunge un Palazzo Ducale, affrescato dal Circignani, del 1500 ed una Fortezza Medievale del 1200, oggi Percorso Monumentale

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lago trasimeno umbria

Di tutto, di più fra Umbria e Toscana. Il Country House Cavaliere èin una posizione geografica strategica, e si possono raggiungere in breve tempo le principali località di Umbria e Toscana.

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The Restaurant

The restaurant is open all year and offers interesting variations of the Umbrian and Tuscan cooking. In summer you can enjoy the outdoor terrace.

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The outdoor spaces, especially inside the long tree-lined avenue, they are optimal for events and anniversaries, such as weddings, birthdays, meetings.

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The Swimming-Pool

The summer swimming pool is reserved for guests, for their holiday away from the noise. It lets days of total relaxation in the pleasure of the green.

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The Woods

There is a long tree-path leading to the woods of ancient oaks owned by the Country House. Unique for pleasant and relaxing walks.

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An ancient residence between Umbria and Tuscany

The pleasure of the path in the woods.